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Supermarket NTUC FairPrice supports social enterprise that’s using creativity to get kids healthier

NTUC FairPrice partners with Eyeyah! for second edition

NTUC FairPrice is the key partner for the latest edition of Eyeyah!, a magazine that uses art and creativity to inspire children to learn about important topics.

The latest edition is about food and includes over 40 commissions to artists around topics such as the dangers of sugar, food waste, and artificial ingredients.

The first issue, which was on technology and the internet, sold across 15 countries and was the first issue to be placed into teaching at Singaporean schools, something that will be replicated for other issues too. With the magazine being given to schools for free, sponsorship of its content is one of the key revenue drivers for the magazine, alongside selling copies online.

Tanya Wilson, Eyeyah co-founder and marketing director, said: “Our partnership with NTUC FairPrice has not only supported us to get this next issue off the ground, but we’ve also gained insights into consumer behaviour in supermarkets and translated them into our visual experience to help educate the next generation of shoppers. For example, we’ve created a family of ugly vegetables and an exercise around it to build a connection with children and hopefully inspire them to become agents of change.”

The partnership with NTUC Fairprice will also include specially designed reusable shopping bags, with some of the illustrations on, which will be sold in the supermarket.

Jonas Kor, director, corporate communications and brand, NTUC FairPrice, said: “As a progressive retailer, we are constantly looking at ways to create meaningful engagement with the community we serve. Eyeyah’s unique platform, which is driven by a social cause to teach children about social issues, is aligned with FairPrice’s commitment to make lives better for all.

"Through Eyeyah, we are able to complement ongoing educational efforts to urge the community to adopt healthy eating habits and reduce food waste in a fun and creative way. We encourage the community to join us in support towards this local social enterprise for the efforts in nurturing our children and our community on social responsibility."

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